Urban Innovate Consulting CC

Urban Innovate Consulting CC was established in 2007 and has since grown into a fully-fledged urban planning consultancy comprising of a team of dynamic young professionals.

Urban Innovate facilitates a wide range of urban planning, development and management processes within the complex and multifaceted urban environment.

In order to provide appropriate and sustainable urban solutions and outcomes, Urban Innovate establishes and exploites appropriate professional teams and expert skill networks for a particular planning process or development.

In view of the complex nature of the urban environment, as well as the many challenges confronting the urban planning and development process, our company promotes a fresh, innovative and inter-disciplinary approach to urban planning.

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Our company offers uncompromised, quality professional services.

About the new Cadre Group

The Cadre Group comprises a professional team of associates that delivers project management, town planning, local government services, property development and human settlement advice and management services.

The Cadre Group is well-resourced with twelve senior planners (most with more than 20 years' experience), a world-renowned law professor, a planning law advocate, an architect and an experienced facilitator and business development expert. Cadre has extensive experience and expertise in the following fields:

  • Project and programme management;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Metropolitan planning;
  • Land use management;
  • Precinct planning and design;
  • Property economics and valuations;
  • Local government corporate planning;
  • Socio-economic studies;
  • Integrated development planning;
  • Environmental planning;
  • Development facilitation; and
  • Human settlement development.